Three Farms - Pastel


It was inevitable really.  It was inevitable because of one enduring aspect of my and being being out of doors whenever possible.  It was in the cards that I would find artistic purpose through landscape painting.

But it's not just a pretty picture that I'm after.  My travels always leave me curious about all the available land  that exists out there with the sand, sage, snakes and such;   land with  little evidence of human activity.  The minute I leave the big city I find myself once again compelled to paint those great empty places which say so much to me about where I stand in the scheme of things.

I paint places without much in the way of human intervention.  I paint scraps of small towns or roads winding through small communities.  Sometimes, I just paint sage and creosote, pine or juniper.  For me it's all about isolation and solitude and clarity.

My favorite medium is soft pastel on black paper.  I like how the black paper enhances the colors and strokes I use to express what I see and feel.  These great open spaces ask that I work as large as possible and yet sometimes the small piece says as much as a large piece. Sometimes I stray on to canvas with acrylic and oil  simply because the medium innvites me to do so.